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AMBOSS helps thousands of International Medical Graduates score higher than their counterparts at
the USMLE Steps.

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USMLE Step 1

Score 12 Points Higher* on USMLE Step 1…

AMBOSS Step 1 users score on average 241 (12 points higher than the national average of 229).

As the Step 1 exam moved to pass/fail on January 26, 2022, students no longer receive a three-digit score. Read what AMBOSS physicians have to say about adapting to this change and get their advice on how to study for the new Step 1 exam.


…and 15 Points Higher* on USMLE Step 2 CK

With a mean of 258 on the Step 2 CK exam, AMBOSS users who have done 50% or more of the AMBOSS Qbank are most likely to excel in the next stages of their careers, through Match, residency and beyond.

Get the score you’re aiming for!

Scored 260 on Step2CK with AMBOSS:

The questions provided are very well written and generally cover high-yield topics in a structure similar to the real exam. I believe all students wishing to ace the exam should use it to strengthen important topics, practice your weakest points and build the confidence needed for the real deal!

Melad Dababneh, Amman - Jordan

Resident at Emory University Hospital, Atlanta

Scored 262 on Step2CK with AMBOSS:

I really love the entire AMBOSS package. The integrated Learning Cards and the detailed explanations are two of the best features. Additionally, Exam Mode is very much similar to the real test and contains quality questions. I hope AMBOSS will be as useful to other students as it has been for me!

Samarth Thakkar, Baroda - India

Internal Medicine Resident at Rochester General Hospital, New York

How AMBOSS helps you to ace the USMLE®

  • High-yield Articles Library allows you to study in-depth on every topic featured on the Steps. The challenging, high-yield QBank is strictly optimized to the newest NBME® content weightage and style—to ensure that you are comprehensively prepared for any concept that you might face during the Steps.
  • Advanced learning features help tailor your preparations to exactly what you need to learn – not what you already know.
  • Regular “prep-enhancers” created by our team of expert physician editors, like:
    • For Step 1:  An IMG-specific study plan for complete Step 1 dominance in your dedicated phase. Also, this STEP 1 ESSENTIALS Kit of fifty “must-know” topics that a student just can’t miss during preps
    • For Step 2CK: This study plan that comprehensively covers the most essential topics in 30 knowledge-packed days.
    • For skills needed in clinics:  Our clinical companion section to ensure excellence during your Rotations and Clerkships.

We love teaching you to score higher

* Ongoing surveys sent to 6000+ medical students at 124 U.S. medical schools since 2018 make the foundation of our research into AMBOSS usage and scoring.

Verified USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK reports were correlated with individual AMBOSS platform statistics — namely number of exam-style multiple-choice questions completed and Learning Cards read. Study participants represented AMBOSS usage ranging from no activity to completion of more than 5,000 exam-style questions in the AMBOSS platform.

Although exams are important, we understand that scores only represent one point being used to consider residency and other career opportunities. AMBOSS helps students in many aspects of medical excellence, and we want to remind you that your score does not define who you are or the contributions you can give to patients, research and more in the future.