AMBOSS now with Integrated AHFS Drug Database

Make the right decision for your patient with one of the most trusted drug information databases in the United States.

Smartphone with a screenshot of the Drug Database
Icons composition showing the All-in-One solution

The All-in-One Tool for Clinical Decision Support

Flowcharts, acute management checklists, differential diagnoses, and a complete drug database. With AMBOSS, you get quick access to trusted knowledge and resources in one place.

Recognized for over 60 years as the gold standard and most comprehensive evidence-based source of drug information, the AHFS database comes complete with therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses. No need to scroll through pages of text or consult with multiple apps while busy with your patients.

Easily Search for Drug Information

Drug information is updated monthly and integrated directly from the AHFS database without alteration, so you can be sure that your search will provide both fast and accurate answers. Including compatibility tables, drug interaction and dosing tables, this drug database is designed to be the first resource physicians consult for point-of-care support.

Drug information screenshot

Drug information in AMBOSS