Get access to the Anki Qbank Add-on

Launch Qbank sessions from your Anki cards with one click!

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Close the entire learning loop

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Dive into the AMBOSS library and learn everything you need to know for your Step exams.

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Use Anki to remember everything you learn, and get pop-up explanations from the AMBOSS library while going through your Anki cards.

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Launch content-matched Qbank sessions from Anki to apply your knowledge and master every topic on the USMLE® curriculum.

Two ways to launch Qbank sessions

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From your recently matured cards

1. Open the Anki app.

2. Scroll down to the new AMBOSS Qbank widget.

3. Select the number of questions you want to do in the session.

4. Start a new question session with one click!

The questions suggested are based on the unsuspended Anki cards that you have recently matured and are tailored to your study objective and your Qbank progress.

From your deck’s tagging structure

Launch practice questions based on medical topics.

1. Open the Browse window of Anki.

2. Select a group of Anki cards using the existing tagging structure, e.g., all the cards with the “embryology” tag from the AnKing deck.

3. Launch a new session by clicking on the "Start Qbank Session" button.

4. Select the number of questions for the session, difficulty, and status.

5. Test yourself on the selected topic!

Animated image of the switch from the Anki Cards to Qbank

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Frequently Asked Questions

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