Loved by med students and residents

I found the AMBOSS Qbank to be vital to my success not only when preparing for in-house exams but also in preparing me for both Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1. The quality of questions and associated explanations all housed in a user-friendly and easy to navigate website are unparalleled. My understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms and basic science principles were exploded in a way that I hadn't experienced using other resources.

College of Osteopathic Medicine

The best part about amboss, is the associated study materials. When going through questions, whether you get them right or wrong, make sure you go over the quick topic overviews they provide to understand concepts completely. Additionally, for the Anki-users, correlate your flashcards with more information using Amboss' add-on.

University of Central Florida

AMBOSS as an overall resources has been quite the "one-stop shop" for me during my pre-clinical years! During the first two years of medical school I was very fortunate to be introduced to AMBOSS early and incorporated it as a key part of my study strategy. As I entered my first clinical rotation, the AMBOSS app on my phone was extremely useful for both overviews/tips in getting ready for the rotation (before it began), and also as a clinical reference while on rounds.

UAB Heersink School of Medicine

I decided to use AMBOSS as my primary means of shelf preparation and have not been disappointed. I have consistently scored above average on all my shelf exams and know a large part of that is due to AMBOSS's wonderful platform. I believe a solid content foundation is key to succeeding on shelf exams and AMBOSS does that better than any other resource.

Harvard Medical School

I took the AMBOSS Self-Assessment 4 months before my STEP 1, and used it as a baseline to start tracking my progress. It helped me ask a very important question, "how much of the STEP 1 content am I comfortable with at this stage?" Looking at my strengths and weaknesses at an early stage allowed me to kick-start my STEP 1 preparation with a solid plan, and paved my way to a successful Test Day!

St. George's university

I have been using AMBOSS daily since starting school. The Anki add-on makes it so easy to clear up any uncertainty by linking the full library straight into my flashcards. I use the library as a primary resource for every class and love having the ability to filter the information based on my goals. Lastly, the Qbank is phenomenal, the questions are asked in novel ways and I can honestly say that every session allows me to learn something that I may have otherwise missed using other resources. I fully intend to continue using AMBOSS as my go to resource for the rest of my medical education.

University of South Alabama

AMBOSS is the resource that we’ve been waiting for -- its integrated platform helped me study smarter and set a new personal best

Michelle Lundholm
Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern university

The AMBOSS comprehensive library/question bank are an absolute game-changer for medical education around the world. The associated questions challenge your understanding of the material you just read in the library. The shelf exam and clinical rotation prep material is equally as impressive and have prepared me well for the wards!

EnMed - Texas A&M College of Engineering Medicine

I started using Amboss during my pre-clinical years of medical school. I can most definitely say that after using various different resources, if you had to pick/buy only one resource for all of medical school, Amboss would be your best bet. I scored a 260+ on Step 1 due the combination of my work ethic, spaced repetition, qbanks and using trustworthy resources like Amboss to supplement information for my anki flash cards.

University of Florida COM

I like most of the things AMBOSS puts out, but I'm a huge fan of their knowledge app. It's been extremely helpful on rotations because I can quickly verify or look up something, with only high-yield info popping up if I choose to have that feature. It's quick and helpful during rounds so you're not as lost when words you're not familiar with yet are getting thrown around. 10/10 would recommend!

SUNY Downstate College of Medicine

You have created a great study platform that I feel has been key in my preparation for Step 2.

Cameron Wagner
University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

AMBOSS taught me HOW to approach questions and WHAT I was supposed to be focusing on, so that I knew WHY an answer was correct or incorrect. AMBOSS was crucial to my STEP 1 score.

University of Kansas School of Medicine

I used AMBOSS throughout my M2 year to prepare for Step 1. I utilized the AMBOSS add-on to anki and supplemented my Anki cards with their library and Q-banks. I feel that AMBOSS does an excellent job of testing similar concepts from multiple perspectives that really help the student understand the concept and how it can be tested in multiple different ways.

University of Kentucky - BG

Amboss changed the game and my only wish was that I started using it sooner! Once I started incorporating Amboss into my studying for Step 1, my scores started drastically improving. I've been using Amboss to study from Day 1 of clinicals and my shelf scores have blown any other performance out of the water so far. I only wish I had started during my M1 year!

Georgetown School of Medicine

I just want to say thank you for creating such an amazing and user friendly interface. If I could shake the hands of (or elbow bump) everyone involved in the creation of this program I would. I have struggled academically because there was never a tool that allowed me to learn new information, immediately access my understanding, strengthen weak points and integrate knowledge. I tell anyone who will listen about the improvement I have seen while using AMBOSS so far. Thank you for making learning fun for me again.

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (TouroCOM Harlem)

Amboss has been a game changer for my study routine. I first discovered it for Step 1 studying. Not only was the Qbank amazing, the ease of finding information about each topic in the library was unmatched. It quickly became my go-to resource, especially with a quick click from the Anki add-on! This year, it has supplemented my clerkship studying effortlessly!

University of Mississippi School of Medicine

AMBOSS is the best comprehensive study resource on the market. The elegance of the layout allows you to effortlessly transition between practice questions and content review. One of my absolute favorite features is the overlay on images, which helped me to identify commonly tested concepts and hone in on what to focus on in provided images. I used AMBOSS daily in my preparation for Step 1 and Level 1 and my results were beyond my best wishes.

VCOM- Carolinas

I am an avid user of AMBOSS, and I credit my STEP1 score (>260) in a major way to the thorough but succinct knowledge bank designed for the medical student and the question bank providing a unique style of questions designed at probing understanding and specific knowledge. On the wards, the knowledge bank has been immensely helpful in digesting new concepts and applying them to patient care and the question bank continues to be very helpful for shelf examinations in particular.

Albany Medical College

I use the library and Anki add-on routinely. The library is my absolute favorite resource for Step 1 studying. I used to Google everything I didn't understand but the line between diving into too much information and not sufficiently so was pretty thin, so the Amboss library really alleviated that type of stress. Other resources don't sufficiently represent histopathology so the feature to zoom in and have entire slides described to you is what really separates Amboss. Amboss will even provide differential diagnoses and tables with key features to test yourself. Amboss makes it real easy to just learn!

University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson

Amboss is the best thing I have discovered during my time in medical school! This is the one resource I use every single day in my studies and during clinic. Their practice questions are not only challenging but also well written, helping me prepare for my exams. For the exams that I have used their Step1 questions, I have felt more than prepared. Their anki connection also helps learning cards and reviewing much easier. I have recommended this to all my friends and none of them have been disappointed. Beyond the classroom, I use this app to look up common pathophysiology and drug information in clinic between seeing patients. The amount of helpful information that Amboss Knowledge App has is phenomenal and a resource that any medical student can use at any stage of their journey.

TCU School of Medicine

AMBOSS has been an incredible resource for me during my first year of medical school! The platform is easy to navigate, provides high-yield information, and is my number one study tool! The study plans keep me on track with studying and help me to feel as prepared as possible for all of my exams. I recommend this platform to any and all medical students!

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Amboss has been an amazing resource for me and friends, especially at a school that utilizes problem based learning. The library and the Qbank allow me to fill in the gaps that I have as a self learning PBL student. I use Anki add on, both apps, and mainly the website with Qbank sessions! It is a great tool and I look forward to using it more religiously in year two since I recently found out it works for me. I also plan on using the step 1 resources starting this fall!!!

LECOM seton hill

The AMBOSS add-on for Anki is an absolute game-changer. Most medical schools use pre-made class decks or a combination of that with Anking and having the ability to just hover over any medical term or condition and have a dropdown explanation appear inside anki is amazing.

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The AMBOSS Platform has been a game changer in my medical education. I use this platform while watching live lectures, reviewing for exams, going through my Anki decks, and traveling on long plane rides when I have no Wi-Fi! Having the reference library readily available has provided structure and organization to the abundance of information I've encountered in my pre-clinical years.

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

AMBOSS is easily the most comprehensive one stop resource for STEP Preparation and exam troubleshooting - start using it from day 1

SUNY Downstate

AMBOSS is an essential tool to use for clinical rotations. The articles they have all of the high yield information necessary and have been an integral part of my readings on patients I have seen. The AMBOSS feature on Anki is a huge part of my studying as well as it makes your studying with anki so efficient.

SUNY Downstate

AMBOSS is an incredible resource regardless of your stage in training. One of my favorite AMBOSS features is it's seamless integration with Anki. I would use it both on my phone and computer while doing Anki flashcards and whenever I didn't know a word or a phrase, a simple click took me to the AMBOSS library where I could review and learn all the high yield information for the term.


I really love the QBank when prepping for medical school examinations. They offer a challenging and wide variety of topics that are similar to the questions asked on the exam. I also utilize the library quite often when studying to get a different perspective/wording than those used in class to really nail in the tougher concepts.

University of Kentucky College of Medicine

The practice cases and clerkship study guides have helped me personally and my classmates in making versus breaking on our shelf exams and rotation patients. The more I read the practice cases or study guides and correlate it to real patients I see on the ward, the better prepared I am for the next patient, the shelf exam, the next rotation, and so on.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

AMBOSS has been a vital resource that I have used through 3 years in medical school so far and I am planning on using it throughout 4th year. The question bank is challenging but I felt was also very helpful for me to prepare for step and shelf exams. It allowed me to quickly identify my own knowledge gaps and then fill them. Being able to quickly look up information before rounds and presenting helped me be prepared and feel confident throughout clerkships.

University of North Texas Health Science Center - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

It has proved to be very useful both for studying and reference on the wards. The app is easy to navigate and I'm able to find relevant clinical information quickly. I especially like the dialogue boxes that give further explanation, pictures, and links to related topics. Everything is interwoven beautifully. It reduces the need to look at many different sources. For example, when I had a pediatric patient with a rash I was able to review pictures of rashes, develop a differential diagnosis, and consider testing and treatment options before presenting to the attending.

Kansas City university

AMBOSS has truly changed the game for my studying. Even as a beginning medical student with little experience using medical jargon, I found the articles much easier to digest than reading assigned texts/UpToDate. Being a third year medical student on clinical rotations, I now find myself using AMBOSS frequently to look up helpful insights and management plans for various diagnoses. Attendings are always impressed at the level of insight I'm able to quickly gain from the AMBOSS articles.

Campbell university School of Osteopathic Medicine

Amboss has revolutionized my study efficiency. Especially since I found the ANKI add-on, I can directly look up unknown content from my ANKI cards without having to leave the app. I love that you can customize the app to any upcoming in-house exams by tagging specific topics and questions appropriate for your studies.CarlosWest Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

I used AMBOSS to study for Step 1 mainly, even though I took COMLEX as well. I also use AMBOSS to help me find info that is on the tip of my tongue and during clinical rotations. It's an amazing resource and definitely another necessary tool for anyone in medicine.

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia Campus

AMBOSS is an extremely helpful medical search engine that every medical professional should use not just medical students. Its like Google but for any medical question you may have. The AMBOSS-add on on Anki makes using Google entirely unnecessary as you have all the information you need to search with AMBOSS.

California university of Science of Medicine

Amboss was truly a game changer for me! I noticed how much more comfortable I am with topics I read on Amboss compared to topics I studied elsewhere. I attribute the success I've had with using Amboss to the level of organization in the articles and how well they correspond with the Qbank. I do not deny that there are so many great resources out there, but Amboss is unique among them in that it is a one-stop shop.

Medical university of the Americas

The AMBOSS Qbank is awesome. I used it to study for my Surgery subject board and I made one of the highest scores in the class.

Meharry Medical College

AMBOSS is a great learning tool. The combination of a high quality question bank linked to relevant, concise learning materials makes the test prep process easy.

Perelman School of Medicine at the university of Pennsylvania

“AMBOSS is the resource that we’ve been waiting for -- its integrated platform helped me study smarter and set a new personal best.”

Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern university

Transitioning from MS2 to MS3 is colossally overwhelming. AMBOSS clerkship guides provides a structured and tailored approach for tackling clinical rotations. AMBOSS makes this new challenge very manageable by providing me the tools of one-stop shop of medical knowledge and high-yield information for the task at hand. I started off with surgery rotation which is no walk in the park and having AMBOSS clerkship articles and Q bank has been very beneficial in staying on top of my work and feeling prepared for test day.

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine - Harlem

And the students who are doing all of their clinical/pre-clinical work with this resource [amboss] are so lucky, they have no idea how much better this is than the options before it.

Dr. Nicholas
Johns Hopkins

The NBME Step exams largely tests clinical deductive reasoning, and AMBOSS is the only exam prep resource that emphasizes this type of training. The learning cards represent the greatest strength of AMBOSS, and these are integrated seamlessly with the questions. The material is not regurgitated from other test prep resources, and is curated from the most recent primary articles - all of this makes it so easy to appreciate new aspects of pathophysiology and clinical medicine you would not get elsewhere. I highly recommend AMBOSS to complement students' learning throughout MS1-4 as it will help students excel in all classes, let alone on the NBME Step!

Oregon Health & Science university, Portland

AMBOSS has been a my go to resource for Step and Comlex practice. I love how the website and app are easy to navigate and has become my go to resource for clinical rotations.


AMBOSS has really elevated my study game. The succinct and effective way that information is presented in the articles, followed by the associated Qbank is an effective tool in learning and retaining the information you need to know.

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

I used the Surgery QBank to take my Surgery Shelf exam last Friday and I found it to be very helpful as a learning tool--many random bits of information and knowledge that the Surgery exam loves and textbooks don't teach.

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple university

I love the learning cards feature - an extremely useful tool while on wards and needing to review a certain diagnosis.

Boston university

In short, AMBOSS has made studying efficient. As a clinical medical student, it’s hard to devote time to multiple different recourses. The nice thing about AMBOSS is that its all right there!

University of Michigan School of Medicine

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