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25,000 textbooks, medical journals, guidelines, and papers distilled into 1 digital platform

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Among all Qbanks, AMBOSS correlated with the highest USMLE Step 2 CK score

Unique Qbank features designed to elevate your test-taking game

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Key Info Highlights

Demonstrating how to extract critical info from complex medical scenarios

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Attending Tips

Coaching you to strategically approach questions like an expert diagnostician

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Question Sharing

Revealing how your peers tackle challenging questions

Easily responsible for 90% of my success on wards, shelf exams, and step exams... Truly next-gen medical learning."

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Image overlays help develop your eye for diagnosis

A guided learning feature that trains you to spot abnormalities in radiographic images (X-rays, MRIs, CTs, and more)

Performance analytics keep your study efforts focused

Identify your strengths and weaknesses with topic-specific stats, and get personalized study recommendations based on practice exam results
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