AMBOSS users score 10.4 points higher on Step 2 CK

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Students who used AMBOSS as a primary, standalone resource for Step 2 CK got higher scores than students who used other Qbanks.

Survey based on 1,985 fourth year medical students from 159 US medical schools

+10.4 points on the Step 2 CK using Amboss

10.4 points higher than other Qbank users

Students who answered 3,200 questions in AMBOSS saw the greatest increase in their Step 2 CK scores—they scored 10.4 points higher than students who did not use AMBOSS.

2.1 points higher than UWorld users

Students who used only AMBOSS as their Qbank scored 2.1 points higher than those who used only UWorld, 13 points higher than those who used only USMLE Rx, and 13.6 points higher than those who used only BoardVitals.

+2.1 points on the Step 2 CK using Amboss

AMBOSS is the go-to resource for the clinical years of med school

We asked students how AMBOSS helped them honor their clerkships and improve Shelf exam performance.

Surgery Shelf

Equated percent correct score

Neuro Shelf

Equated percent correct score

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AMBOSS is the essential resource for med students and residents. See what Dr. Osose Oboh, Internal Medicine Resident, has to say about it in this video.

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Surveys sent to 6,000+ medical students at 159 US medical schools since 2018 are the foundation for our research into AMBOSS usage and scoring.

Verified USMLE® Step 1 and Step 2 CK reports, as well as self-reported Equated Percent Correct scores for the NBME® Surgery and Clinical Neurology Subject Exams were correlated with individual AMBOSS platform statistics. These statistics include the number of exam-style multiple-choice questions completed and articles read. The level of AMBOSS activity among survey participants ranges from no activity to the completion of 5,000+ exam-style questions.

While exams are important, scores only represent one element of residency applications and other career opportunities. AMBOSS strives to help students in many areas of medical excellence, from knowledge building to providing excellent patient care and more. Always remember that your score does not define you or the type of doctor that you will be.

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